Method and technique

New Technique: Gasless Lift – Laparoscopy

This method is based on the fundamentals of minimally invasive surgery combined with the conventional technique of "open" surgery. This technique prevents or minimizes all the aforementioned disadvantages, risks and complications of endoscopic operations with carbon dioxide, while preserving all the advantages of laparoscopy e.g. minimal scars, better cosmetic results, less wound pain, rapid recovery, short hospital stay, etc. Consequently, it means progress (the combination of newest techniques of endoscopic surgery) through regress (established and proven conventional techniques of open surgery). Insufflation of gas into the abdominal cavity is dispensed with. Instead, a special lift system, which is inserted into the abdominal cavity via a small cut in the lower umbilicus, raises the abdominal wall mechanically. This allows a similar view into the abdominal cavity as that afforded by laparoscopy with gas. To insert the instruments, two further small incisions are made above the pubic bone for the flexible trocars (see also Video and Photo Gallery).