Publications by Dr. Kruschinski about Gasless Laparoscopy

Kruschinski Daniel
Atlas of Lift-Laparoscopy: The New Concept of Gasless Laparoscopy 
Publisher: Informa Healthcare, 4/2007 

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Kruschinski D, Homburg S, Langde S, Kapur A 
Dermoid Tumors of the Ovary: Evaluation of the Gasless Lift-Laparoscopic Approach 
Surg Technol Int. 17; 1-5 (2008) 

Original paper (pdf file)Surgical Technology International

Kruschinski D
Don't let adhesions happen to your patients! 
Suppl to OutpatientsSurgery, March 2007, 32 – 35 (2007) 

Original paper (pdf file)Outpatient Surgery Magazine Supplements

Kruschinski D, Homburg S, d'Souza F, Campbell P, Reich H 
Adhesiolysis in Severe and Reccurent Cases of Adhesions Related Disorder (ARD) – A Novel Approach Utilizing Lift (Gasless) Laparoscopy and SprayGel™ Adhesion Barrier 
Surg Technol Int. 14; 131-139 (2006) 

Originalartikel als pdf Surgical Technology International

Kruschinski D
Laparoscopic GYN: 4 Reasons to Go Gasless 
OutpatientsSurgery, VOLUME VI, NO. 1, 49-53 (2006) 

Original paper (pdf file) Outpatient Surgery Magazine

Kruschinski D, Homburg S 
Lift-(Gasless) Laparoscopic Surgery Under Regional Anesthesia. 
Surg Technol Int. 14; 147-156 (2005) 

Original paper (pdf file) Surgical Technology Internation

Kruschinski D, Homburg S, Wockel A, Kapur A, Reich H. 
Lift-laparoscopic total hysterectomy as a routine procedure. 
Surg Technol Int. 13; 147-156 (2004) 

Original paper (pdf file) Surgical Technology International

Das Pneumoperitoneum – der Kardinalfehler der Laparoskopie 
Der FRAUENARZT, Mai 2000 (german) 

Original article as pdf at EndoGyn – Bibliothek

The pneumoperitoneum – a continuing mistake in laparoscopy? 
Der FRAUENARZT, Mai 2000 (english) 

Original article as pdf at EndoGyn – Bibliothek

Die laparoskopisch totale Hysterektomie – bald ein Routineeingriff 
Der FRAUENARZT, April 2001 (german) 

Original article as pdf at EndoGyn – Bibliothek

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Chapters of Books

Lift-Laparoscopy with AbdoLift - 
A new concept of gasless laparoscopy 
A Practical Manual of Laparoscopy 
Cookbook for Gynecologic Endoscopy 
Edts: R. Levine, R. Pasic 
Parthenon Publishing 2001 

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy with Conventional Surgical Instruments 
In: Gasless Laparoscopy in General Surgery and Gynaecology 
Diagnostic and Operative Procedures 
Eds.: V. Paolucci and Beate Schaeff 
Thieme, 1996, Seite 125 – 131 

Slide Atlas of Gynaecological Endoscopy 
FIGO Gynaecological Endoscopy Slide Series 
Fèdèration Internationale de Gynècologie et d'Obstètrique (FIGO) 
Study Group on Assessment of New Technologies in Gynaecology 
Parthenon-Publishing 1996