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Endoscopic Gynecology Centers
Special treatment: gasless Lift-Laparoscopy
At this website you will find all informations and items referring to the topic of Lift-Laparoscopy and contains all topics relevant to the technique of Lift-Laparoscopy, general and specific for EndoGyn®.
At the area of “teaching issues” we will show you outcomes, informations, images and videos related to our surgical procedures and treatment options.
We wish you a pleasant time while educating yourself!

April 4, 2010
The new EndoGyn Forum / Message Board

The new EndoGyn Forum / Message Board

Wellcome to EndoGyn® Forum
there is the new EndoGyn-Forum, which is implemented directly into the EndoGyn Websites and thus allows a faster navigation between different sites and Informations.
Step-by-step some of the informations of the old message board will be transferred.
Under “discussions” you can already now ask questions and/or issue an proposal.
If you register, you may see the new contents directly after login.

August 6, 2010
EndoGyn - the difference!

EndoGyn – the difference!

Surgery in 99 % without a laparotomy!

Laparoscopy without carbon dioxide gas!

Better cosmetics!

We take our patients serious!

September 8, 2010